About Us

The experience to turn your dream into a reality

We’re Frank and Laurel Chirico. We’ve successfully launched more than 10 salons in our combined 50-plus years of experience. We’re known for our commitment to education, mentoring talent, and building businesses.

Our latest vision is Platino Salon&Suites. It’s built on the growing “suite concept” in salons—helping beauty professionals realize the dream of owning their own business. But we take it one step further, providing continuing education in all aspects of hairdressing. The result? A whole new business model—a community of talented artists, growing their businesses while growing personally. It’s our inspiration—our way of giving back to a community we care about deeply.

Laurel Chirico

Always learning, always sharing

I started my hairdressing career in Los Angeles and built a successful clientele around the TV and movie industry. Coming from a family of teachers and artists, I’ve always seen the need for hairdressers to continually educate themselves while applying the principles of art to hairdressing. I’ve dedicated my life to combining the two—traveling, learning from others, and bringing new products and educational tools back to my colleagues and staff. After many fulfilling years working in this industry—as a stylist, educator, platform artist, and business partner—I opened my first salon in Newport Beach, CA in 1978 and built a business with my husband, Frank. Together, we grew the business to five salons, with more than 150 employees and a flourishing assistant program. Now, we’re poised for something new and different—creating a whole new experience for creative hairdressers.

“I’ve always seen the need for hairdressers to continually educate themselves while applying the principles of art to hairdressing.”

Laurel Chirico


  • Worked with Jon Peters Salons and combining education and design in a model assistant training program in the late 1970s
  • Developed an advanced educational salon program in cutting, permanent waving, and color for the Allen Edwards salons
  • Was a platform artist for L’Oreal International, Renbow Colour, Jarimac (Jerry Redding) hair care products, and KMS hair products
  • Partnered with AE Concepts, at the forefront of developing shampoos, conditioners, and styling products using silk protein
  • Worked with top photographers and showcased my work in many prestigious fashion magazines and newspapers
  • Partnered with TONI&GUY as Vice President of Operations, California salons

Frank Chirico

Building businesses, growing careers

I began my career with Vidal Sassoon in New York and relocated with Sassoon to Orange County, CA in a stylist/management position. During my more than 30-year career, I’ve had a passion for both the management and artistic areas of the beauty and salon industry. I’ve worked as a stylist, owned salons, and have run every aspect of this exciting business. But most of all, launching and growing businesses gives me the greatest joy of all—and watching my wife, Laurel, help other stylists grow in the process. Together, we built a thriving business. Then, we became partners with TONI&GUY salons in the late 1990s. Now, we’re ready to break old rules, break new ground, and create a breakthrough experience for beauty professionals in the hairdressing industry.

“…we’re ready to break old rules, break new ground, and create a breakthrough experience for beauty professionals in the hairdressing industry.”

Frank Chirico


  • Involved with Vidal Sassoon in artistic, educational, and management positions
  • Partnered with Allen Edwards salons in opening five salons in Orange County, CA
  • Partnered with TONI&GUY in four California salons as a general manager
  • Functioned as TONI&GUY’s director of real estate/acquisitions for both the Salon and Hairdressing Academy divisions for the U.S.

Platino Salon&Suites was founded by Frank and Laurel Chirico on the core principle of creating a “community of beauty professionals.” The concept stemmed from the fact they wanted to provide multiple services that beauty would encompass: haircuts, haircolor, hairstyles, makeup, nails along with estheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgery.

Located in sunny, Newport Beach, CA Platino Salon&Suites is a premier, hair salon with over 30 top hairstylists and the best of the best, handpicked by Frank & Laurel for their talent and high standard of work. Our salon is unlike the typical hair salon. Platino Salon&Suites features a suite concept in which hairstylists have been empowered to build a career path. Platino Salon&Suites was the first of its kind in Orange County.

Our Orange County salon offers a wide range of women’s and men’s haircuts, styles, and color that is personalized for the individual. Our salon features the latest hairstyle trends, haircuts, and personalized color & style for all face shapes as well as haircuts for children under 12.

The ambience of the salon is like walking into a high-end, modern, relaxing spa. In the lobby, there’s a crystal chandelier hanging above and the salon overlooks a courtyard with a Mediterranean-style water fountain. A staff member welcomes you with a refreshing glass of lemon water, or freshly brewed coffee or tea and immediately you enter a happy, bright environment full of elegance and relaxation. This spa-like experience is further enhanced by a warm hostess, and stylist that takes you to the dressing room to change to prepare for your appointment.