Today’s Hollywood Hair Rebels!

From the runways to red carpets or those stylish, girls walking the streets, we are seeing the “dorkiest” of hairstyles known in hair history make a “cool” comeback! Mullets, bowl cuts, comb-overs and micro- bangs are….gulp…the latest hot looks in hair trends this new year of 2015! Yes, the 80’s are back in full force!

These looks come across as edgy, sexy, slightly boyish and very flattering, especially on the bold and confident woman whom is the only type of woman to be able to pull off these new “cool” haircuts. These type of haircuts are inspiring hairdressers all over the world right now.

The traditional versions of these haircuts are being changed up a bit however. Bowl cuts are looking a little more shaggy, comb-overs are being used to emphasize a very heavy, dramatic side bang, and while the mullet is still the same short length in the front and long length in the back AKA: “business in the front, party in the back”! The two distinct lengths in this hairstyle is being brought more up-to-date by blending in the two different lengths to create a more soft, seamless look.

We are seeing all kinds of celebrities rocking these new haircuts. Rhianna is killing the fashion mullet, Micro bangs on Beyonce and Lena Dunham’s bowl cut was lightened to a platinum blonde color.

So what do you think? Are the 80’s going to be taking over this year of 2015?? I can honestly say I hope that this trend isn’t here to stay! But, you are also talking to a girl whose dad thought he could cut her hair as a baby. And yes, I was a toe-head with a Mohawk to a mullet to a bowl-cut with accidental micro-bangs from about 1987-1992. The pictures are pretty amazing however!


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