Seeing Red!

The trend in red hair is big right now. Red isn’t a hair color that is easy for most people to pull off, but when done right, there is just something so sultry about it. The variations of red seem endless in the hair industry. You have your purple reds, your true reds, your copper reds and now, the ever so popular rose reds…ughhhh! And, of course, everything in between. So, when it comes to red heads, be sure you know what type of red you want to portray. One thing is for certain, we are just red with envy over our redheads right now!

Some fun facts: (The Colorist Nov./Dec. issue)
*Some celebrities that have helped boost the sales of red hair color have been Debra Messing, Rhianna, Alyson Hannigan.
*Natural Redheads are more likely to be left-handed.
*The myth says that redheads are known to possess a strong sexual power.
*Natural red heads DON’T Gray. Instead, their pigment fades to blonde then, white.
*Red hair is the result of a recessive gene.

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