Recover Your Hair After Hair Loss!

For both men and women, our hair is our security blanket. We view it as a defining piece of ourselves. We obsess about it looking its best and fear those ever so frustrating “bad hair days”. Hair not only is a physical attribute of ourselves, but it also tells  a lot about the type of person you are or are trying to portray. So, when we start losing our hair, it can be very traumatizing because it could feel like we are losing a piece of ourselves.

These days there are measures we can take to not only help prevent hair loss, but can actually stop hair loss, or even more, re-grow new hair! There are many tricks and tips we use in the salon when it comes to attending to our clients with balding/thinning and/or fine hair.

Here are some tips:

Make sure to take care of yourself by the inside first because it will definitely show on the outside. Following a healthy diet is crucial for maintaining healthy hair. Some vitamins and minerals that are crucial for healthy hair are vitamin B, Folate, Calcium & Biotin. Some foods that contain these vitamins are walnuts, spinach, eggs, bok choy, carrots and halibut. Try to include as many of these in your diet daily or find a good multi-vitamin to cover your bases.

Ask your hairdresser to recommend a good shampoo & conditioner that is not too heavy and won’t weigh your hair down. There are also shampoos and conditioners that will help stimulate the scalp to promote new hair growth. Brands that we love: DS Laboratories by Sweis Inc. and GO247 by UNITE in Mint thickening shampoo and conditioner.

The right haircut and style can give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair…If done right! We recommend  short chin or shoulder length bobs, side swept fringe, pixies, medium length bobs with stacked layering.

Hairdressers have to be extra cautious when it comes to applying color to fine or thinning hair because everything shows up more drastically, which could end up looking streaky or blotchy. Because hair process colors  quicker, it can lead to over processing. When adding contrast color to light hair,  go a level lighter than you like to avoid over processing.

Scalp makeup and hair thickeners have become really popular. Due to stressful lives we tend to lead these days, hair loss is a very prevalent reality. Products such as “colored power fibers” are being used to camouflage bald spots on the scalp by depositing a temporary color onto the surface of the scalp, blending in with your hair color. Powders are also being used to add volume to fine hair. Products that we recommend are: Expanda Dust by Unite and Style Edit Color Powder.


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Summer Rehab!

Bring your hair BACK TO LIFE! 

REHAB Your Hair!

After a season of soul affirming, hair damaging decadence, it’s time to kick the habit. It’s time to moisturize those dry, brittle hair or extensions from evaporating sun rays that cause hair dryness and damage. Hair damage starts at the tips of the hair and can slowly creep it’s way up, continuously breaking off! It’s time to fight!

You want: strong, healthy hair!

You have: fried, broken ends.


3 Easy Steps to “Rehab”:

1. Get a tiny trim! – I know how much fun it is for my long hair clients during the summertime to play with different styles (crown and side braids, beach waves).

The scissors are your best friend!

Years of growing out and cutting my clients hair, I recommend getting a “dusting” every 6 weeks.

Fun hair fact! Hair grows a ½ inch in a month, so in 6 weeks it has grown ¾ of an inch.

I cut ¼ inch off so split ends can’t move up the hair shaft and compromise even more of your length. Hair will still grow ½ inch a month.

2. Break old habits! Condition first!

Before you shower, when hair is dry, yes, I suggest applying 1 tablespoon of raw organic coconut oil with your fingertips massaging into hair, especially on the ends. You can continue this on your face, hands, cuticles and body as well. Let the oil penetrate for at least 10 minutes then, on top of the coconut oil, apply a moisture conditioner for another 10 minutes before shampooing! I love using Tigi’s “Urban Antidotes- Resurrection and Tigi Reborn’s Deep Restoration” conditioner or UNITE’S “Moisturizing and Pearl & Honey” conditioner. Their shampoo counterparts’  Tigi’s “Urban Antidotes- Ressurrection Shampoo and Tigi Reborn’s Deep Restoration” Shampoo or UNITE’S “Pearl & Honey” Shampoo are recommended to use in unison, which of course, we offer all products mentioned at Platino Salon.

Fun Hair Fact! Hair is like a rubber band.  It will snap if it is over-extended. Be gentle.

I cut ¼ inch off so split ends can’t move up the hair shaft and compromise even more of your length. Hair will still grow ½ inch a month.

Fun Hair Fact! Hair is like a rubber band.  It will snap if it is over-extended. Be gentle.


3. The NEW process- How to:

Wet the hair, apply conditioner with your fingertips and massage into the scalp and ends very gently. Leave in for a few minutes, rinse with warm water (not hot) and follow with a moisturizing shampoo! Rinse out thoroughly and spray in a leave-in-conditioner such as UNITE’S “7 Seconds” leave in conditioner (the best). By letting the hair soak this in, it will seal the moisture into the hair.

Some Fun Hair Study Facts:

* According to Dove’s Hair Care Study, 33% of women would give up social media for a year of good hair days.

* According to Style Seat Surveys, 91% of people surveyed say they feel a surge of confidence when their hair looks great!


I wish you the best of hair,

Laurel Chirico


Platino Salon&Suites

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