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For a little over a month now, the chatter of this “super product” has spread widely throughout our hairdressers. Olaplex? It is a product that is added to any lightening or color service to prevent any breakage or damage to the hair during a coloring service. This is the secret potion that is being used to keep our client’s hair looking beautiful and healthy for up to 25 washes after their coloring service.

The reason the word about this product had spread like wild fire is simply because IT WORKS! The benefits to the client are obvious and many. In the hair dresser’s perspective, it is immensely beneficial for not only maintaining the integrity of their clients’ hair, but it is an ADDED SERVICE, which means more money in your pocket!

All you have to do is add the suggested amount of Olaplex into the lightener or tint bowl and apply as usual. This product is sold to Salon Professionals only and isn’t exactly cheap…. but well worth it!

Please stop in to get more information on this service or make an appointment for a consultation. Call  949-474-7477 or visit the “stylists” tab on our website and submit a comment form through one of the micro-sites and we’ll respond to you as promptly as possible!

Below is some more information on Olaplex which was given from “Behind the Chair” which is a favorite beauty professional site to get all the news on the salon world. Enjoy!

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Summer Rehab!

Bring your hair BACK TO LIFE! 

REHAB Your Hair!

After a season of soul affirming, hair damaging decadence, it’s time to kick the habit. It’s time to moisturize those dry, brittle hair or extensions from evaporating sun rays that cause hair dryness and damage. Hair damage starts at the tips of the hair and can slowly creep it’s way up, continuously breaking off! It’s time to fight!

You want: strong, healthy hair!

You have: fried, broken ends.


3 Easy Steps to “Rehab”:

1. Get a tiny trim! – I know how much fun it is for my long hair clients during the summertime to play with different styles (crown and side braids, beach waves).

The scissors are your best friend!

Years of growing out and cutting my clients hair, I recommend getting a “dusting” every 6 weeks.

Fun hair fact! Hair grows a ½ inch in a month, so in 6 weeks it has grown ¾ of an inch.

I cut ¼ inch off so split ends can’t move up the hair shaft and compromise even more of your length. Hair will still grow ½ inch a month.

2. Break old habits! Condition first!

Before you shower, when hair is dry, yes, I suggest applying 1 tablespoon of raw organic coconut oil with your fingertips massaging into hair, especially on the ends. You can continue this on your face, hands, cuticles and body as well. Let the oil penetrate for at least 10 minutes then, on top of the coconut oil, apply a moisture conditioner for another 10 minutes before shampooing! I love using Tigi’s “Urban Antidotes- Resurrection and Tigi Reborn’s Deep Restoration” conditioner or UNITE’S “Moisturizing and Pearl & Honey” conditioner. Their shampoo counterparts’  Tigi’s “Urban Antidotes- Ressurrection Shampoo and Tigi Reborn’s Deep Restoration” Shampoo or UNITE’S “Pearl & Honey” Shampoo are recommended to use in unison, which of course, we offer all products mentioned at Platino Salon.

Fun Hair Fact! Hair is like a rubber band.  It will snap if it is over-extended. Be gentle.

I cut ¼ inch off so split ends can’t move up the hair shaft and compromise even more of your length. Hair will still grow ½ inch a month.

Fun Hair Fact! Hair is like a rubber band.  It will snap if it is over-extended. Be gentle.


3. The NEW process- How to:

Wet the hair, apply conditioner with your fingertips and massage into the scalp and ends very gently. Leave in for a few minutes, rinse with warm water (not hot) and follow with a moisturizing shampoo! Rinse out thoroughly and spray in a leave-in-conditioner such as UNITE’S “7 Seconds” leave in conditioner (the best). By letting the hair soak this in, it will seal the moisture into the hair.

Some Fun Hair Study Facts:

* According to Dove’s Hair Care Study, 33% of women would give up social media for a year of good hair days.

* According to Style Seat Surveys, 91% of people surveyed say they feel a surge of confidence when their hair looks great!


I wish you the best of hair,

Laurel Chirico


Platino Salon&Suites

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Blonde Bombshells!

Natural blondes have always been a rarity compared to the huge population of “bottled blondes”. Here in Orange County, CA, known as the “mecca of blondes”, we are always seeing all different kinds of blonding services being preformed by all of our hairdressers here at Platino Salon&Suites. After all, “tis the season, right? The sunshine does tend to bring the blonde out in many of us!

The desire for blonde hair will never go away. From movie actresses from the 1930’s such as Marilyn Monroe, to the models of today’s Victoria Secret runways such as Candice Swanepoel, a.k.a. “Ice Princess”, in reference to her icy, blonde hair, blondes are in. The obsession with blonde hair (natural or “bottled”) still is and forever will be the most intriguing hair color to the human eye. This is great for a hairdressers’ business, being that the blondes are what we call a “money ticket” because it isn’t necessarily cheap to get that desired blonde color, simply because it is not that easy to achieve it!

There are so many different shades of blonde and every blonde is very particular on theirs! Just ask one!!! From natural to “bottled”, Sun-Kissed to Nordic, Honey to Platinum, Beige blonde to Violet blonde, the shades of blonde are endless and blondes tend to like the best and brightest of these. This may be the reason why the growing popularity of exclusive professional, blonde color lines, services and techniques are being created; to help stylists create the most desirable blonde types. A favorite lightening powder of ours is Tigi Copyright Colour True Light White Lightening Powder. It can achieve countless shades of blonde without compromising the hair’s integrity.

There are some things everyone needs to know about a blonde:
1. They just want to have fun! BUT NOT WITH THEIR HAIR!! That’s serious business!
2. There is no such thing as a “dumb blonde”…unless you are talking about Tigi’s “Dumb Blonde” shampoo and conditioner. It’s formulated for blondes to have the perfect balance of moisture and protein to help maintain healthy, blonde tresses.
3. Blondes only want to be blonde! They may want to experiment with color or add some low-lights here and there, but as far as changing their hair color from blonde to ANYTHING ELSE (even if they insist) THEY WILL RARELY EVER BE SATISFIED and will want to go back to blonde almost immediately, which is not exactly the easiest thing to do!

So, with that being said, let us help meet your blonde expectations. It is the season of lightness and brightness and it sure is lighting up around here!

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Top Line Hairdreams Hair Extensions By Lori Veltri

At Platino Salon&Suites, we only employ the most talented, skilled, and artistic hairstylists to meet our high salon standards and caliber of clients.

For the month of June, we are happy to feature our very own, Lori Veltri, a Master Stylist of 29 years, who recently received her certification as the “FIRST and ONLY Hairstylist in United States to be certified in Hairdreams, Laserbeamer Nano Technique.” This is considered a great feat and major differential in our salon’s services and pedigree that most salons do not offer.

Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano is a revolutionary hair system that allows hair to be fuller and longer in a short period of time. Hairdreams utilizes top-quality European Hair that is either 5-star (minimally and safely processed) or 7-star (virgin) hair. Both types are silky and luxurious, with 7-star hair capable of being reused up to three times. With the Laserbeamer Nano, the crystal polymer hair bond is flat and the size of a matchstick tip making removal easy with no damage. It is now possible to add the exact color highlighting via Hairdreams with no fading. Most importantly, it is done without any color or bleach used directly on your hair.

After your new locks are blended and styled, your newly created look will last approximately 4-6 months with minimal care. This advanced technology provides high-end, professional hair allowing the appearance of one’s own hair to multiply and thicken in a very short amount of time. Create an entirely new look in just 45 minutes!

Lori can quickly create a style of your dreams without the waiting time for hair to grow.

Take a look at our sets of ” Before” and “After” photos of this new advanced Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano Hair Extensions. The beauty and difference is quite phenomenal just by adding premium hair extensions from Hairdreams Laserbeamer Nano.










Tinted Love…

The pastel hair, color craze is a HOT hair trend that is not going away but instead becoming even more popularized by celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Kelly Osborne. The “purple craze” is one of the most popular hair color trends found not only on celebrities, but on high fashion runways, magazines, social media and more! Professional hair color companies are now and have been creating specific color lines and products to feed the demand of this popular hair trend.

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For some fun, we wanted to show off a step-by-step color application of this “purple craze” trend. A client of Platino Salon decided she wanted a drastic hair transformation! One of our Salon Professionals, Jessica Hunt, gave her just that alright!

blog pic #1- before transformation

Before the transformation.


blog pic #2

Apply lightener from mid-shaft to the ends of the hair to the desired level of color. Preferably up to a level 8 or 9.

blog pic #3

Rinse lightener from the hair thoroughly.

blog pic #4

Towel dry hair.

blog pic #5

Apply Pravana hair color:

1 tube of clear

1 ounce of pink

1 dot of purple

To make a light lavender color, leave the color on for about 30-35 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly, shampoo and condition.

Style as desired.

blog pic #6

The End Result: Our fabulous, purple-haired beauty!

Talk about a transformation right?!?!!!


History of Braids!


From history books to the catwalks, we are fascinated by the symbolic meaning of the braid. Here’s a time line of this loved and ever evolving hair do.

Africa From 3500 BC- The Cornrow

In recent times, the Cornrow is associated with hip hop stars and has a very noble origin. In the 1950s, a French ethnologist and his team found a Stone Age rock painting in the Sahara dating back to 3500 BC. It showed a woman with cornrows feeding her child. Depending on the region from which it came, the style of the cornrow, from simple linear cornrows to complex geometric ones, helped to express one’s identity such as age or status.

Ancient Egypt 3100 BC


Ancient Egyptians loved their hair styled with wigs, jewels, beads, and extensions. Men and women would separate their hair into tiny braided strands that had beads woven in. Sometimes, braids made of human hair were added as extensions to make hair look thicker or longer. Although the ancient Egyptians generally frowned upon facial hair, beards were seen as symbols of divinity.

Greeks and Romans 1 Century AD


Greek women would also construct ornate hairdos based on extravagant braiding for important public functions, reflecting their status and rank in society.

Native Americans Pre AC Up to the Present Day


There are more than 500 Native American tribes in North America, and each one had a different relationship to braids and their meanings.

Medieval Europe 1066-1495


During the high and late Middle Ages, modesty was paramount. Popular Medieval braid styles like the double braid, the braided crown, the double braided bun, or the fishtail braid became commonplace amongst the noble single woman. These are a few of the most popular braiding trends of today.

Mongolia 13th Century


As the Mongol Empire grew in the 13th century, noblewomen wore elaborate hairstyles and headpieces. Their elaborate winged hairdos, (the inspiration for Queen Amidala from the Star Wars franchise) were supposed to evoke a mythical beast.

Braiding Goes Digital


Braiding has not lost its appeal in the 21st century. YouTube hits more than a million braiding tutorials and there are thousands of pinned, instagrammed braids all over the Internet. For Spring, Summer, and beyond, the braid was all over the catwalks and red carpet, too.

Hair History

It’s no secret that short hair is one of the biggest trends in women’s hairstyles right now. From today’s most popular TV shows to the latest Grammy Awards, women from all different walks of life are trading their long locks for stylish, short hairstyles. Some more recent celebrities to engage in this hair trend are Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rippa and Yolanda Foster.


We all know the saying “history repeats itself.” This is most definitely accurate when it comes to hair trends. Today’s ever so popular “bob” haircut was originated in the 1920’s at the time of the Suffragists. Before 1920, women did not have the right vote. To protest against this, many women acted out by cutting their hair off into textured, raw cuts. You can say the “bob” originated from a state of female rebellion!

Those women who chose not to cut their hair off, joined in on the act by pinning their hair up and making it look like a “bob”. This was the incentive for the invention of the “bobby” pin! A small pin created to seamlessly tuck into the hair, helping to create the illusion of a “bob” cut, hence the name “BOBby” pin!

BEYONCELater, “The Flappers” took this new look of the “bob” and ran with it. Almost a century later, history has once again repeated itself and we are seeing the “bob” on fashion runways, celebrity hairstyling and popular featured films.

So ladies… it’s time to hop on the Hollywood glam tram (if you haven’t already) and get a little rebellious. Cut it off! Not on your own of course, but with the expertise of your hairdresser!