Blonde Bombshells!

Natural blondes have always been a rarity compared to the huge population of “bottled blondes”. Here in Orange County, CA, known as the “mecca of blondes”, we are always seeing all different kinds of blonding services being preformed by all of our hairdressers here at Platino Salon&Suites. After all, “tis the season, right? The sunshine does tend to bring the blonde out in many of us!

The desire for blonde hair will never go away. From movie actresses from the 1930’s such as Marilyn Monroe, to the models of today’s Victoria Secret runways such as Candice Swanepoel, a.k.a. “Ice Princess”, in reference to her icy, blonde hair, blondes are in. The obsession with blonde hair (natural or “bottled”) still is and forever will be the most intriguing hair color to the human eye. This is great for a hairdressers’ business, being that the blondes are what we call a “money ticket” because it isn’t necessarily cheap to get that desired blonde color, simply because it is not that easy to achieve it!

There are so many different shades of blonde and every blonde is very particular on theirs! Just ask one!!! From natural to “bottled”, Sun-Kissed to Nordic, Honey to Platinum, Beige blonde to Violet blonde, the shades of blonde are endless and blondes tend to like the best and brightest of these. This may be the reason why the growing popularity of exclusive professional, blonde color lines, services and techniques are being created; to help stylists create the most desirable blonde types. A favorite lightening powder of ours is Tigi Copyright Colour True Light White Lightening Powder. It can achieve countless shades of blonde without compromising the hair’s integrity.

There are some things everyone needs to know about a blonde:
1. They just want to have fun! BUT NOT WITH THEIR HAIR!! That’s serious business!
2. There is no such thing as a “dumb blonde”…unless you are talking about Tigi’s “Dumb Blonde” shampoo and conditioner. It’s formulated for blondes to have the perfect balance of moisture and protein to help maintain healthy, blonde tresses.
3. Blondes only want to be blonde! They may want to experiment with color or add some low-lights here and there, but as far as changing their hair color from blonde to ANYTHING ELSE (even if they insist) THEY WILL RARELY EVER BE SATISFIED and will want to go back to blonde almost immediately, which is not exactly the easiest thing to do!

So, with that being said, let us help meet your blonde expectations. It is the season of lightness and brightness and it sure is lighting up around here!

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