Prepping Your Hair for Summer

Don’t let this gloomy weather fool you! Summer is on the way and closer than you think. For most, this means a new hairdo. Maybe you want to go lighter and have your locks be sun kissed and golden. Or perhaps you’ve been growing your hair out all winter and are ready for a new edgy cut.

Spring is about re-birth, growth and change. As far as we’re concerned, summer is about flaunting that change. But there’s something else you should also consider for your hair when summer is around the corner, and that’s prepping it for the elements.

Summer is all about dips in the ocean and long lazy days in a swimming pool. There’s no better way to spend those hotter months! But let’s face it, the hot weather, bright sun and long hours in the water can do more than damage your hair. That’s why it’s so important to ready your hair for the summer along with that new do!


Trim It!

First things first, a haircut is a must (or a tiny trim). A nice trim before those hot months are upon us can help strengthen your hair and get rid of the already damaged ends. Healthy cuts lead to healthy looking hair.


Moisturize It!

You don’t want to forget to moisturize. I’m sure you’ve noticed how dry your skin can get in the summer? Well the same thing can happen to your hair. Protect and hydrate your hair this summer with a deep conditioning treatment like Keratage’s Nutritious Treatment Mask and a leave in conditioning spray like UNITE’s 7 Seconds Leave in Conditioner. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are also a great addition to keep your locks nourished and moisturized. Try TiGi’s Hydra-Synergy Shampoo and Conditioner for added moisture.


Embrace It!

Summer is about relaxation and going with the flow. The same goes for you hair. Invest in some products that will help you maintain your healthy hair with no fuss. We highly recommend UNITE’s Beach Day Texturizing salt spray. This spray is perfect for creating those effortless beachy waves or spraying on after a long day in the ocean for added texture and style. If your hair tends to get frizzy during the summer months, a relaxing serum is a must. Try Keratage’s Fortifying Leave-in Control Serum to help de-frizz and relax your hair. There’s no need to fight the elements when you can embrace them with these amazing products.

Hats And Hair Too!!

Hats & Hair Too!
There are some basic rules after you have found ‘Your” perfect hat, now you have to decide how to wear your hair with it. A hat portrays a style, it makes a statement and having the perfect “hair do” is what’s going to bring this look home for you. Basically, the hat will let you know what to do with your hair. A couple examples: a structured hat such as a “bowler” goes well with a more polished hairstyle like a sleek low ponytail, which tends to emphasize the jawline. On the other end, a hate like a fedora is worn most flattering with down, loose, wavy “70”s hair.
To avoid that hideous post-hat flatness, we suggest actually doing your hair before wearing your hat for the day! Sounds crazy, but what if you have to take it off!?! You need to be prepared to not have to rock the “hat head” look. Try flipping your hair in the opposite direction you usually wear it. If you have to take your hat off, just flip it back in the direction you usually wear it as this builds volume!
It’s apparent that wide- brim hats, amongst many other varieties have become the new fashion statement. They have pretty much taken over the whole scarf trend (not saying that scarfs aren’t great) but for years we have been using scarves to embellish our ensembles. You can wear them for so many reasons in any kind of weather to add a little personality to your style.
I know it’s hard for some of us not to be intimidated by wearing a hat; they can be a complicated accessory to pull off. Finding the right one for you and its purpose is the key to finding comfort in rockin’ a hat. First, deciding whether you are choosing to wear a hat for its functionality or to just add some pizazz to a day time outfit. If you’re not careful you can look like you’re trying too hard.
There are so many different kinds of hats…how do you choose? There are the wollen skull caps to keep us warm, the wide-brimmed straw version hats to shade us from the suns beating rays and of course the ever-so-effortless The ever so popular fedora is the perfect hat to take poolside or on vacation as it pairs perfectly with skinny jeans, bikinis and dresses! Whether any hat flatters you, is like everything else in fashion, it’s all about proportion!!!